Swimming Pool


It is for the use of members exclusively.
Guests are permitted to use the pool or pool environs.
Opening Hours
Mondays to Sundays     09:30 - 21:00
(1st May – 31st October)
The Committee may alter these times depending on circumstances at any time.

Guests, including children, may use the pool on other days on payment of a fee fixed by the Committee which will be charged to the host member’s account, subject to the following conditions:
The names of all guests and the member’s name and membership number must be entered in the Guest Book.
Not more than four guests may be admitted by a member or member’s family at any time.
Guests must be accompanied by a member.
Members Free of Charge
Guests $20/person/session

Members wearing bathing costumes are not permitted to enter any part of the Club premises other than the pool area and the changing rooms.
No one may dress or undress in the pool area.
Other Rules

Persons suffering from skin complaints or other communicable diseases must not enter the water.  Spitting is strictly forbidden.
Bottles or glassware of any kind are not to be used in the pool environs.
Coins or other foreign objects may not be thrown into the pool.
Water polo or any other ball game may not be played in the pool, unless for a specific event or occasion approved by the Committee.  Running, chasing, pushing, splash bombing or general “horse-play” is forbidden in the pool area.
Apart from aids essential for official swimming lessons organized by the Club only recognized swimming aids such as arm-bands will be allowed in the pool.  Flippers, balls, floating boards, snorkels, facemasks, goggles of other than plastic safety glass and the like are forbidden.
The Club’s Lifeguard is responsible for the safety and good conduct of all users of the pool and instructions issued by him in execution of his duties must be obeyed.  In addition, the orders and instructions of the Manager, the Pool Convenor or any other member of the Committee in relation to good conduct in the pool and pool area must be obeyed.
Boys under 16 years of age may not use the men’s changing room. Children under the age of 3 who cannot dress themselves may accompany their parents into the appropriate men’s or ladies’ changing rooms.
Food and drinks are not allowed in the changing rooms.
The Club will not accept any responsibility for any damage to or loss of clothing or valuables from the changing rooms or pool area.
The Club will not accept any responsibility for any accidents or injury, howsoever caused, and suffered by any person either in the pool or the pool area.
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