History of KBGC



KBGC was founded in 1900 by nine gentlemen eager for some recreational facilities. Although not the oldest club in Hong Kong, KBGC is certainly the oldest Lawn Bowls Club and one that has been synonymous with the development of the sport in Hong Kong. Its membership has grown from that original nine to over five hundred. When the HKLBA was founded in 1961 its first registered office was at KBGC where office space was made available to them in the clubhouse. 1981 saw the first Hong Kong International Bowls Classic which was approximately held in KBGC's greens.
World War II

During World War II and the occupation of Hong Kong the clubhouse was used for accommodation to house Japanese Officers and the Bowling Greens were dug up to produce agricultural crops to feed them.

            Roll of Honour Picture
Over 120 years many changes have been seen, not only in additional sports facilities, but also in membership. 1974 was the first time that ladies were allowed in Bar and the club admitted its first lady member in 1984. Today we have nearly 30 Lady Bowling Members and of course many more ladies who use the club frequently.
The KBGC Clubhouse was declared a Grade 3 Heritage Building by the Antiquities and Monuments Office of the HKSAR in 2010. Although inevitably placing some restrictions on planned future developments of the club, it did give KBGC a certain prestige status in keeping with its rich history.
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